The exterior finish is the first thing a customer sees when looking at a vehicle. The quality and durability of the finish is a reflection of the quality and durability of the vehicle itself. Through a wide array of colours and effects, today’s effects offer the opportunity to refresh and customise vehicles at a relatively low cost while providing the quality and durability to protect and maintain the vehicles value.

Regardless of any panel or even just a bumper, Kereta makes sure all processes are done up according to the products specification in order to achieve the best result. All affected areas will be worked on to fill up the unevenness. Kereta also ensures that original profile of the panel is not affected.

Primer will be applied to seal up the needle holes and unevenness of the putty portion. The primer layer is the coating layer that joins a correction protected substrate to the topcoat. It functions to smoothen out surface irregularities, improve stone chip performance and helps to protect the substrate from visible and UV light.

Base coat (colour) will then be applied after the primer is settled down and cured. Basecoat is the coating layer that provides colours and aesthetic effects and is capable of providing uniform appearance for many years without fading.

Clear coat (lacquer) is the coating layer that forms the last interface to the environment. It carries the biggest part of the technological performance and must be able to resist environmental, i.e. bird droppings, car wash machines, etc.

The final process, which is buffing, will then be done to help remove any dusts and to give your car a professional shine.

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